01 September, 2012

the paintshop reviewed

I've been following & contributing to thepaintshop.biz for some time now and it's a lot of fun. The idea is simple yet complex: there's one canvas, multiple 'painters', a limited set of colors and brushes. When you click the "sign & sell" link the painting is yours. That's right, you can 'steal' the painting. When you claim the painting you share in the proceeds if the painting is sold. In the gallery you can choose a painting and buy it. It will be printed on canvas and shipped to the buyer.
I get the feeling that the collaborative painting part of the Paintshop doesn't really works because there are a lot of aggressive, less creative, painters that like to bash the other contributors.
The quality, and that of course is completely according to my personal values, is not that high. I think the painting more often don't transcend the 'material' and remain some scribbles on the screen. Also, the more successful creations have a more deliberate concept behind them.
I'm not claiming to have made the best 'paintings' and before I select the things I like from other contributors I'll show what I have created, at least the ones I think the most successful:

My contributions
I like the idea of the overpainting, creating the shapes from the outside in. Also the shapes hint at a figuration which is an idea that i'm working on lately
Brittle Art
A reaction to a collaborative spat that turned sour. 
Here, the result of a quite long session achieves a painterly aspect that i like a lot
This one is conceptual. The idea had to be realized :)
There and back
These kind of drawings really don't support collaboration 
Just Hirsting
More of a joke
Black Drop Plain
Again, the painterly aspect lifts it to another level
AB's mother
My selection
The graphic effect is really nice It's a figurative work that has a nice handwriting
Conceptually it had to be done As did this one
It seem to be one of the collaborative ones that actually has a nice atmosphere  nice and bold
graphically very successful Nice touch, those bubbles
the texture supports the meaning different handwritings, still full of emotion  
Those abstract expressionist roots go deep Until its minimal
Nice portrait More   abstract expressionism
nice lithograph Mostly the bloody mindedness

nice structure & control