31 December, 2009


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06 December, 2009

What is art?

A BBC documentary got me thinking again about what art is. The BBC had an arts season with a lot of documentaries about artists, the art market, even a reality show about Satchi selecting his next protege. This documentary was about a philosopher putting forward the argument that art has lost its meaning of beauty and therefore lost its position of giving meaning to life. With almost every example the philosopher showed supporting his argument I disagreed. His argument that beauty gives meaning to life is flawed. He poses that Plato's ideal beauty is enough to contemplate the meaning of life and that this is what art should contain. I think he's wrong.

In the Satchi reality show one of the contestants exclaimed: "Do I really have to explain what art is? Why my work is art?" and my mind boiled over with all kinds of answers to those questions. That really happens a lot to me. Whole arguments play out in my mind and I approach the subject from every side I can and see if my arguments stick.

I mulled it over and came to the conclusion that I had to try and come to a description of I think art is. I have attended the Rotterdam academy of art, as it was then know, and thinking about it, I never really had this question posed to me. That's probably because, in an academy of art, it's so obvious to make art and, on the other hand, such an sensitive subject: why do I do the things I do?

So this is my attempt at putting art in to words. I'm going to do this in installments. This was the first one.

Oh, and no this won't be the only subject of this blog. This is just what came to mind as the first blog. Other topics will probably be: Silverlight, science, music, movies, and anime and...